Webcomic Artist and Illustrator
Creator of Lucent on WEBTOON/Tapas and NPCs Can Save the World Too! on Manta
For any inquiries please contact me via email at [email protected]

Find my current webcomic Lucent on WEBTOON and Tapas linked below!

The Lucian plushie is no longer being made. A lot of issues came up stemming from manufacturing thim and I wasn't confident in the ability to put in the monetary commitment, especially after it had been so long since the initial interest check.


Current Status: taking commissions through Artistree, click button below.

Commission Process

Wondering how the process will be like? Here I'll let you know what to expect from me, the general timeline, and how I go about my commissions.

Commission Types and Prices

I do different kinds of commissions and here I include the base price and estimated turnaround time for each.

Terms of Service

Please read my terms of service first before putting in an inquiry. If you do not follow the guidelines, your commission inquiry will be rejected.

Commission Process

1.) Please fill out a request form either through Artistree or Vgen. Both are linked in the previous commission page.
If the forms are unavailable, that means my commissions are currently closed. However, if you just want a quote or a question, please feel free to contact me and I'm more than happy to answer.
When filling out the form: if you have multiple characters and references, I ask that you make a shareable link to a document, drive, imgur, toyhouse, or other similar site. I will NOT accept multiple references or lengthy descriptions through DMs.Note: Filling out a form does not guarantee I will accept it.
2.) If your commission is accepted, I will contact you about any further details, clarifications, etc. needed. At this stage, I'll also give you an estimated start time for the piece and price quote.Whether you have an existing design or just an idea/aesthetics, I will take the time to work with you to ensure we create a design that both works within my style and is something you're happy with!
I have a particular style and character design sense and that will affect how your piece will look. Please take time to look over my art to see if this fits with what you want!
When in the sketch stage, you will be able to make major adjustments. I may ask for clarification or more references depending on what you would like changed.I reserve the right to cancel the commission if we are unable to settle on a sketch within 3 major revisions. If you are not satisfied with the commission, you are free to cancel it.
I do NOT charge for rough sketches and will only send an invoice once you are satisfied with the sketch.
3.) Once you're happy with the sketch, I will send an invoice over to you. Once you've paid the invoice, I will finish the commission and send you the piece for any final revisions.IMPORTANT: MINOR ADJUSTMENTS AND REVISIONS ARE ALLOWED. THIS MEANS MINOR CHARACTER DETAILS OR OVERALL BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST/HUE ADJUSTMENTS. IF YOU REQUIRE A MAJOR REVISION BY THIS POINT, THERE WILL BE A REVISION FEE OF A MINIMUM OF $25 OR 20% OF THE COMMISSION PRICE. PLEASE LOOK AT MY TOS FOR DETAILS ON WHAT COUNTS AS A MAJOR REVISION.You’re free to contact me at any time in the process to ask for updates. I am more than happy to send a WIP or estimate completion time when requested.Once you're satisfied with the piece, I'll send it over through Vgen, artistree, or email if you prefer. The final file will be a PNG, but I can also provide a PSD file if requested.

-Commission Types and Prices-

Each type of commission is subject to additional charges for the complexity of designsIf used for commercial work (i.e. you intend to profit off of the commissioned piece), an additional commercial fee will be added. Please inform me if you ever intend to use my work for commercial use. This does not include personal prints for oneself.
Commercial rights begin at 200% of the base commission price (e.g. a full body at $100 would be $200 with commercial rights). The fee is priced on a sliding scale dependent on the client, their budget, and the intended use.
In the instance of a revision fee, a charge of a minimum of $25 or 20% of the commission price will be invoiced to the client.In the instance of a rush fee, a charge of 25% of the commission price will be added.

Basic Style Commissions

Flat Color
Bust: $50+
Half-body: $75+
Fullbody: $100+
Bust: $80+
Half-body: $115+
Fullbody: $150+
Each additional character is 50% of base commission price
Simple backgrounds are included, no complex backgrounds are available for this commission type

Commission Samples

Turnaround time: up to 5 days

Full-rendered Illustrations

Bust: $150+
Half-body: $225+
Fullbody: $300+

Up to two (2) characters included
Each additional focal character afterwards is an additional $75 (background characters are counted into background complexity cost)

Turn around time: up to 10-14 days

Commission Samples

Want another kind of commission? Send me an email at [email protected] with an inquiry and I’ll give you a quote on what the price estimate would be!TURNAROUND TIMES ONLY TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE AMOUNT OF TIME IT WILL TAKE AFTER SKETCH AND PAYMENT ARE COMPLETED.

Terms of service

I know it's a lot, but please read through to make sure you understand what is necessary to make this a smooth process. Additional specific VTuber model conditions can be found at the very bottom of the page.

-Original characters
-Anthros/furries (note: my familiarity with drawing anthros is limited to primarily mammals)
-Varied body sizes
-Gore (this depends on a case by case basis)
-Minors in any sexual context
-Vehicles (inside of vehicles are fine)
-Offensive content that may contain any form of hate speech

Want to see examples of NSFW or anthro art? Contact me on any of my socials or email and I'll send you sample pieces!

My commissions are NOT first come first serve!
If you do not follow my terms of service or I feel that my style is not suitable for your commissions, I will not accept it. I will email you ONLY if I accept your commission or plan to add you to my waitlist.

You must have references of all relevant characters and backgrounds provided in your inquiry.
This can be in combination with text, but only if descriptions are for clarification/specifications. Written descriptions alone do not count. If necessary, moodboards and the like are acceptable and especially appreciated for illustration commissions! The more thorough you are in showing what you want, the better. Don’t be afraid to sketch out the idea you have even if you’re not an artist!

Major revisions to concepts are not allowed after the colored refined sketch is finalized.
Major revisions include:
-Color palette swap
-Backgrounds (this includes moving a background, cropping it, or adding new elements)
-Composition (such as in the instance of a character being moved or rotated into a new position)
Minor revisions include:
-Brightness, saturation, and contrast adjustments
-Missed character details such as jewelry, scars, marks, and tattoos
-The placement of my watermark in a different location
Please ask if an adjustment you want to make counts as a major or minor one if you are unsure. Sometimes it can depend on a case-by-case basis.

I only accept payment through Paypal Invoices and Stripe.
I do not ask for payment until after the sketch phase.
At that point, I will send an invoice and only finish the piece once I receive payment.If the client necessitates it, I allow for a partial payment plan in which the client can pay for 50% or more by the sketch phase and the remainder at the end. In this case, I will withhold the high-res, unwatermarked version of the commission until the full payment is received.

Partial refunds are only allowed if I have finished less than 50% of the commission.

Unless you express otherwise, I have the right to stream any part of the commission process on Twitch.
Similarly, I have the right to post your commission on my social media and Patreon with credit to you unless you specifically ask for me not to. This is not a guarantee that I will post your commission on my account.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY YOU USE MY ARTWORK IN THE USE OF ANY FORM OF NFTS OR MACHINE LEARNING AND ANY DERIVED TECHNOLOGY. If I find that the commissioned work has been used and/or modified in such an instance, I will consider this a purchase of exclusive rights and charge a 500% fee for the artwork(s).
All commissions are considered for personal use only unless agreed upon otherwise. This will be reflected in a commercial fee charge (a minimum of 200% of the commission price) and an explicit acknowledgment by both parties. This means that unless this commercial fee has been paid, you may only use my commissions for personal digital wallpapers, social media icons, personal physical prints, and other non-commercial uses with appropriate credit. I must be explicitly credited as Poppypari (and/or Dusk_VT in the instance of VTuber-related works) depending on your preference if posted on social media.No tracing/editing of my commission is allowed either unless my express permission is given. If you want to animate an illustration I made for you, you can ask me and I’ll send you a full PSD file!If I find that you are using my commissioned work commercially or falsely claiming it as something you have drawn, I will blacklist you permanently and I will thenceforth never accept a commission from you.